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Available on iOS and Google Play Stores now!

Do you like monsters? How about sticky monsters? How about sticky monsters that you fling through a world of platforms while avoiding ghosts, liches, vampires and many more obstacles through 60+ levels. Then you'll love our gravity based game where you "fling" sticky monster Malyn from platform to platform, collect keys, and complete levels. But there's an additional challenge - you only have an allotted number of flings or time to complete each level. Game modes include Normal, Timed, and Perfect. Sticky Monsters is simple to play, yet challenging to master. Enjoy it free from beginning to end.
  • 60+ Levels
  • Casual but addictive gameplay for gamers of all types and ages
  • Gravity based puzzles similar to Angry Birds
  • Dozens of enemies and obstacles
  • Beautiful art style
  • Achievements
  • Easy to pick up and play a single level when time is short, or multiple levels when you want to just game for awhile
  • If you like Angry Birds, you’ll love this game!

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